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Are You Ready For Free Demo Class….

Nandini Driving School provides free practical driving classes for 8 kms.

In this demo class, if you do not like our service or you are not satisfied with the training given by the trainer, then you can cancel the driving class from the next day.

We will not charge you any demo class fees. But if you like our service then the free demo class will be added to your complete driving class.

About Us

<p>Road safety is an important concern for the government and the people on the Indian road. A high level of confidence is needed today for safe drdrivingm.</p> <p>Poor traffic planning, ignorance of traffic rules and lack of driving skills lead to road accidents. To reduce these problems Nandini Driving School has started its initiative to promote safe driving.</p> <p>Nandini Driving School not only imparts better driving skills but also tries to inculcate a safe driving culture through behavioral training and special theoretical formulas for understanding traffic signs.</p>

Why Choose Us

Since 10 years we have achieved excellence in providing quality services to the students.

We are considered in the market for providing quality service in the driving field, which makes us the best driving school in Greater Jaipur.

We fully understand the concept of customer satisfaction and its requirement, hence our trainers are professional, friendly and courteous with each and every student.

Our Vision

We aim to introduce each student to the essential techniques and knowledge of road safety traffic rules and regulations.

To identify and understand the strength and weakness of each student and provide them proper training so that he/she can get the driving license.

Our Mission

At Nandini Driving School our mission is to strive to make you a safe and confident car driver while providing a professional driving environment by providing exceptional training, safety and development.

Our Experienced Driving Instructors

  • Get the best driving experience with our driving instructors
  • We at Nandini Driving school aim to build a company where
  • Qualified
  • Professional
  • Learned
  • Experienced

Our Team


A car simulator is a device that is given to the driver before training on the road, so that the newly learned driver can easily understand the basic car controls and car controls without any risk.

Driving simulators are increasingly being used for training drivers around the world. Research has shown that driving simulators have proven to be an excellent, practical and effective tool in providing safe driving training techniques for all drivers.

Car Security Camera

Car cameras play a very important role in security and accident cases.

During the training, it has become possible to monitor the location of the student and the activities inside the car.

All the training vehicles of Nandini Driving School are fitted with security cameras which record every activity of the student and the trainer.

Whether you are getting satisfactory answers to all the questions asked by you or not, all this is live-watched in the control room.

We Promise You

  • Deal for Every Budget
    • Find best driving instructors at different rates
  • Service Guaranteed for Price
    • Get lessons that make learning drive easy for you
  • Timely Email Support
    • Our email support is available for any query or problem encountered